APP DP4 pour iPhone


 This unique application offers the possibility to remote control up to 32 XTA Electronics® DP4-Series® Loudspeaker Management Systems from your iPhone® or iPod Touch® or iPad®. DP4 Mini is also available as a shrunk down application that allows read only access.


iphone title


DP4Remote gives you control over the following functions of your device:

  • Gain
  • Mute
  • Phase
  • Delay
  • xOver
  • Parametric EQs
  • Graphic EQs
  • Limiters
  • Routing
  • Ganging
  • Names
  • Memory store, recall and erase
  • Snapshot store, recall and erase

DP4Remote can sync with the devices in both ways. So you can either prepare a setting in forward or get the controllers data.

DP4Remote stores your offline edited data for later sync with your devices.

DP4Remote is compatible with Funktion One XO4A® Loudspeaker Management Systems as well as XTA Electronics DP448®, DP446®, DP444® controllers.


iphone rackipad_rack

View your processor rack




 Input and Output routing and levels


Design and edit your crossover settings

iphone_EQ iphone_PEQ


Design and edit parametric EQ and view the curves (full screen view available on iPad too)


Limiter control


Rockbaby Engineering



  • You will need a working wireless connection to your controller  (tested with XTA Wiser2400® and Moxa N-Port 5110).
  • For more than 4 devices a serial connection speed of 115kBaud is recommended.
  • DP4Remote works with a maximum of 32 devices at a time.
  • DP4Remote is a third party application (this means this application is not developed by XTA Electronics®).
  • DP4Remote will work on any iPhone® / iPod touch® / iPad® with iPhone OS 5.1 or higher. Recommended devices are iPhone 4® / 4S® and iPad2®.
  • Although well tested – this application remain a piece of software: rockbaby engineering will not take any responsibility for any issues that may occur using DP4Remote.
  • XTA Electronics® DSP-algorithms are sensitive information to which we don´t have access. So please note that our graphical representation of parametric EQ´s and xOvers display the “standard” ones – those may vary a bit from XTA Electronics® unique and brilliant algorithms.